When Food Tells Stories + Dwellings

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When Food Tells Stories is a chapbook produced in collaboration and participation in Reading The Migration Library, an on-going art project by artist Lois Klassen that aims to produce a library of migration narratives. The project invited artists, poets and community members in New Westminster and Vancouver, B.C. to reimagine the recipe as a cultural text and as a vehicle to share a story and flect on how food migrates, transforms, informs and transcends culture, identity, history and memory.

Each recipe card has a front and back, and is presented as a single course within an imaginary feast. To re-create this meal in real-time would be a way of re-telling these stories, rooted in multiple places and personal memories. The meal would become an immersive experience, sharing stories of human migration through reading, making, eating and tasting of the 12 course meal.

This work is dedicated to my family and all of the generous individuals who contributed to the making of this project: Oana Capota, Frederick Cummings, Margaret Dragu, Barry Dykes, Kristina Fiedrich, Alan Hill, Kaitlin Kazmierowski, Lois Klassen, Sandeep Johal, Kathryn Louro, Jackline Omondi, Biliana Velkova and Lilia Yon.

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